Uncalled For presents: Ready, Set, Götterdämmerung!

Uncalled For is pleased as delicious home-made punch to be presenting the world premiere of their all-new, full-length stream-of-consciousness comedy odyssey about the games we play and the gods we destroy.

Ready, Set, Götterdämmerung! is a game of red rover with the entire Norse pantheon. It’s operatic freeze-tag. It’s hide-and-seek with all of creation, where all of creation is hiding because it is about to be destroyed. It’s a never-before-seen, tightly woven, epically proportioned comedy myth from the makers of Hypnogogic Logic and Today Is All Your Birthdays.


Part of the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival

Saturday March 9th, 2013
10:00 PM
at the Lower Ossington Theatre
100A Ossington Ave,
Toronto, ON

Tickets: $15 plus HST

Buy tickets online here!

Fact: Matt Goldberg has the greatest density per square inch of all the members of Uncalled For. Lesser people are easily drawn into his gravitational field.