A Sketch Comedy Double-Bill From Another Dimension










What happens when a New York bred comedy duo teams up with a multi-award-winning Montreal based sketch comedy troupe? Future Party! A sketch comedy double-bill from another dimension.

James & JF (NYC) offer up Channel One – TV in the future as performed by the last two people on earth. Let us explain: we escaped the end of civilization in a time machine, then created our own version of TV shows to entertain ourselves (just go with it) but wind up performing them to unexpected time traveling audiences. From the duo said to have “winning comedic timing” by The Happiest Medium (NYC).

Uncalled For (Montreal) brings Today Is All Your Birthdays – a comedic, philosophical, sci-fi take on birth, death, time travel, Darwin’s theory of evolution, hypnotism, sandwiches and the meaning of life. It is intelligent, theatrical, free-flowing, stream-of-consciousness hilarity that doesn’t bother with vulgarity or cynicism. From the company that PLANK Magazine called “one of the most innovative and reliable sketch troupes in the country.”

Two comedy experiences. One awesome party. In the future.

Future Party.
(Presented by The Tank.)

Two Nights Only! Tickets: $10 advanced/$12 at the door.
FRI March 23rd @ 7pm
SAT March 24th @ 7pm

Check out James & JF: www.jamesandjf.com
Check out Uncalled For: www.weareuncalledfor.com

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